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a range of services for example ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and all other British standards. We are now proud to annouce that
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CAW Consultancy Business Solutions Ltd  

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Finding entry-level staff with the right skills is easier said than done – if you’re taking on new staff, we can help you to get the best out of them.

We know that for your business to be productive and profitable, you need the people joining your team to have the right skills and knowledge to make a real contribution. That’s why we have developed pre-employment training programmes that prepare people for their first role in the service industry and gives them the skills you expect from your staff.

Our pre-employment training is delivered to a national standard and designed specifically for the industries it covers – removing the inconsistency that often comes with using generic pre-employment training programmes.

Outsource your learning and development

Reduce your costs, increase efficiency and let us take care of your day-to-day training needs.

If you want to get the competitive advantage that investing in your people gives you, but don’t have the time or resource to put a plan in place, our outsourcing service can help!

Outsourcing means that we'll do the legwork for you. We have over 40 years’ experience supporting businesses through training, so you can be confident that your staff’s learning and development is in good hands; leaving you with more time to concentrate on growing your business.

Our services include:

  • Managing training projects
  • Acting as your training manager
  • Developing and managing your annual training plan
  • Delivering induction training
  • Delivering management schemes
  • Training a network of trainers in your business
  • Mapping your training to qualifications
  • E-learning solutions
  • Managing invoicing and procurement
  • HR services

We recognise that every customer is unique and will develop a tailored solution just for you.

You’ll also have your own dedicated relationship manager, who will work with you to develop the key performance measurements and service level agreements, and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Recruit and develop motivated, skilled apprentices for your business with our tailored support.

Apprenticeships: the Government heavily backs them and almost everyone knows they exist, but not everyone is aware of what they actually are.

An apprenticeship allows someone, of any age, to learn and earn at the same time. Any employee, existing or new, can become an apprentice by doing an apprenticeship qualification through a college, learning provider or online system.

Despite the fact that only 5% of hospitality and tourism businesses currently employ apprentices, 28% say they would like to employ one in the future.

So, why are apprenticeships a good option for your business?

Not only are they a great way for your employees to receive practical training and gain a nationally recognised qualification, but they also offer a wide range of benefits to your business:

Apprentices work your way
While the apprenticeship framework will train your employees to industry-recognised standards, you can shape them to your company culture, ethics and practices to meet your business’ needs

Apprentices help you create a new pool of talent for your company Research shows there is currently a lack of skilled candidates to fill managerial vacancies within hospitality, and apprenticeships are a fantastic way to train your future managers. A 2013 survey by ICM research revealed that employers in England rate qualified apprentices 15% more employable than those with other qualifications.

Apprentices add value
They provide extra support and improve business productivity. Over 80% of businesses who employ apprentices agree they make their workplace more productive. A recent Government survey found that eight out of 10 businesses that use apprenticeships said they would recommend them to friends or other employers.

Apprenticeships help motivate staff
92% of employers believe that apprentices lead to a more satisfied team and an increase in staff retention.

Apprentices quickly pay for themselves
A People 1st survey found that a third of businesses recovered their costs within a year and a further 20% within 18 months. The Government fully funds the training programme for apprentices aged 16-18 and partly funds it for learners over 19.

Doing your bit
Employing an apprentice helps you fulfil corporate social responsibility by giving a young person an opportunity to develop transferrable skills