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CAW Consultancy Business Solutions Ltd  

At CAW Consultancy Business Solutions we pride ourselves on being the most cost effective and complete ISO and accreditation solution in the UK. We provide a range of services for example ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and many more. 

We are now proud to annouce that we have launched a new range of bespoke paperless management systems and software - call now for a no obligation quote.

Affordable, straight talking consultancy with a twist 


We offer Achilles packages from just £349 including systems, gap analysis, and submission to ensure you have the tools you need to gain the Achilles accreditations.

About Achilles

Creating collaborative communities

Achilles creates and manages a global network of collaborative industry communities, allowing trading partners to share high quality, structured, real-time data.

Using cloud-based technology and industry expertise we act as an independent partner, providing validated data and insightful analytics to enable buyers across a sector to identify and manage risk and suppliers to increase market reach while increasing compliance and minimising costs for the network as a whole.

The Power of a Network of Communities

Our community structure provides:

buyers with access to a broader range of verified, compliant suppliers

suppliers with access to a broader range of potential buyers

The required verification and data gathering processes are standardised within the community and are facilitated by our local support teams based around the world.

The result is a significant reduction in the work required by both suppliers and buyers to manage and reduce risk within their community and a substantially lower cost of compliance for the community as a whole.

Our communities range in scope from large individual enterprises seeking to improve compliance and risk management across their multi-national base of subsidiaries to broad, industry-wide communities of over 100 major buyers and 10,000 suppliers.

Our global network produces additional benefits by sharing best practice in compliance and risk management between industry sectors and across geographies and allows buyers and suppliers to open up trading opportunities in new markets.

Our Services

We provide our communities with:

A SaaS-based buyer and supplier compliance, risk and performance management platform

Expertise in the specific industry sector and in procurement compliance and risk management issues in general

Support to assist suppliers in compiling the relevant information and achieving compliance

Resources to continuously update, verify and, if required, audit the information