Here at CAW Consultancy Business Solutions we pride ourselves on being the most cost effective business solution in the UK, providing 
a range of services for example ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and all other British standards. We are now proud to annouce that
we have launched a new range of bespoke paperless management systems and software - call now for a no obligation Quote.

CAW Consultancy Business Solutions Ltd  

Affordable, Straight talking Consultancy with a Twist 

Testimonials - ISO 9001 and many more





Beamson Security - ISO 9001 & Screening 

iso 9001 consultant review

Safe & Sound Security - Auditing & Training Services 

iso 9001 consultant review

Cledor Ltd - ISO 9001, ACS, ISO 14001 & Paperless Management System 

iso 14001 consultant review

Dillon Security - Free Advise & ISO 9001 System

iso 14001 consultant review

Dane Mark Security - ISO 14001

iso 27001 consultant review

Aim High Security - SIA Approved Contractors Scheme 

ohsas 18001 consultant review

Ion-GLADIUS Ltd - ISO 9001, SIA Approved Contractors Scheme & Mobile App

paperless iso system review

Supreme protection ltd - SIA ACS Package

paperless iso system review

Guardianfm - IMS, SIA ACS & Paperless Reporting System

"We Signed up with CAW Consultancy, and since doing so have been more than happy with their services and support in helping us achieve our UKAS ISO 9001 and SIA ACS. More so after achieving this the after care and support that is also provided is very valuable and reassuring. Highly recommended."

Naj - CBI Security Ltd - 24/08/2015

"I have been impressed with the speed and quality of service provided by CAW Consultancy. The price is pretty special as well. 

We are still in the process of implementing everything, the process is very detailed and needs time and work commitment, but if you want to progress - it has to be done. 

Great service, recommend to any other small company trying to compete with the big boys."


James R Salt, MD - Velvet Glove Security Ltd 28/08/2015

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A range of consultancy services for example ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and now paperless management systems

"Good and helpful consultancy that understand the needs of their customers, CAW are just a phone call away and they can deal with your query quickly"
Joseph Masih - Central Security 19/01/2015

CAW Consultancy provided me with all information needed from the word go. It was a fast easy process and they are always on the end of a phone. Great service which helped my company excel without the headache!

Geoff Young - Assertus Group 08/05/2014

At the moment, my company is just going through the process of gaining ISO 9001 and eventually SIA ACS. I would strongly recommend CAW Consultancy. I am the managing director of a small company, who would like longevity within this field. I honestly believe that CAW Consultancy has provided my company a strong QMS foundation to build my business upon.

Centurion Security 20/01/2014

CAW Consultancy provide a very professional service and have an outstanding team that are available to help you around the clock. If there is any issue, at whatever time, they will make sure that the issue is dealt with. I would recommend CAW Consultancy to whoever wants to make sure they pass just like they helped us get recommended for ACS and ISO 9001. 

Ahmed Yar Khan  - AKD Facilities Management - 02/12/2013 

We have used Craig willets Caw Consultancy in both areas of the screening and vetting for training our own  staff to carry out the BS7858 and have also used CAW  in also carrying out their services in screening and vetting my staff to help speed up the process of  all our employee's and I have been impressed with the quality of work that I have received, delivers a cost effective, reliable speedy service, And in a very professional matter.

Darren Edwards Safe Style security services ltd - 25/09/2013

Bluegrain have used CAW Consultancy on several occasions. They have helped us immensely in achieving ISO 9001 and also in preparation for ACS.

We have always found Craig to be very knowledgeable and professional and would highly  recommend his services.

Bluegrain Ltd 20/06/2013

“Craig Willetts is a true professional and the best in the business when it comes to screening and vetting CAW CONSULTING is 5 stars. I have used Craig a number of times , I am in the business of traders and Hedge Funds. I do not give many recommendations but he has saved me quite
a bit of money.
William T. Hunz - HNZ TRADING.” May 23, 2011





sia acs consultant review

EKS Security - ACS & ISO 9001

iso 9001 consultant review

Compact Security - ISO 9001, ACS, Paperless management system & Client App

iso 14001 consultant review

Gold Standard Security - ISO 9001 & ACS

iso 14001 consultant review

Emerald Security - ACS 

iso 27001 consultant review

Patrol & Protect - ISO 9001, SIA ACS, SAFE Contractor, CHAS & Mobile App

iso 27001 consultant review

Global Elite Security - IMS, Paperless management systems & training services 

ohsas 18001 consultant review

PPE Security - IMS, SIA ACS, Paperless ISO Business App, Training & Internal Audits

paperless iso system review

New Dawn Security and Training Ltd - ISO 9001 & SIA ACS Package

screening bs 7858 review
iso 9001 consultant review

We used Craig for our SIA Business Licensing, ISO9001 and ACS. A truly outstanding service and value for money. Craig was very helpful, knowledgeable and clearly an expert in his field. 

Progarda Security Services Ltd. 21/02/2014

Fantastic service.  Absolutely pain free, due to their industry knowledge and experience. We are a small security company based in the west midlands and decided go through ASC and ISO due to lack of growth without accreditation. I’m glad we found out about CAW Consultancy and used their services. They are very professional, knowledgeable and the service is second to none. If any new start ups or companies that are struggling to grow need to go through ACS and ISO I would highly recommend CAW Consultancy. Craig Willets is unconditionally a gentleman; he will resolve any issues you have relating to the industry.

Shabaz -RM Corporate Security Services Ltd  - 29/10/2013

CAW Consultancy's services have got to be one of the most professional, friendly  companies we have dealt with. And without their help our mission to  become an SIA Approved contractor would have been a lot harder to achieve.

C & D security Services Ltd 18/09/2013

CAW Consultancy have been a great asset to our company over the last 12 months they has assisted us with risk assessments, preparation for audits with the SIA and BSI and has carried out all of our screening and vetting and internal staff up-skilling, They are now also providing all our new staff free of charge, I would Highly recommend Caw Consultancy to provide whatever you need to help with your company.

"Treadstone Security Services" August 17, 2012
Ric Moylan - Director
“I did not have much direct contact with Craig , as being the CEO of my own Company, I have people under me that evaluate employees and consultants. In craigs case, I was constantly told how thorough he was, how dedicated at his job he was and how lucky the company was that we had hired him to help us out more than once. I had met Craig on more than one occasion, and he was a strikingingly good looking professional young man.He was very well dressed and presented himself extremely well as he spoke to me, i was so impressed with him that i hired him more that one time to help my company. We have a big project coming up and even though , its an expense to get craig here and put him up, it is well worth it. He is worth every penny”
July 21, 2011 john zerbini
“It´s a pleasure to make this recommendation for Craig´s capabilities. Especially over his values as a professional, he is honest, ethical and has a high level of moral standards at every challenge that he has undertaken.
Particularly I can surely say that he is a person with good work habits and moral character.”” May 26, 2011
Errington Watkins
hired Craig as a Business Consultant in 2010
“During my time with working as a consultant with Criag he was always pro-active in ensuring deiverables were on time. Innovative in problem solving and aware of the need to remain professional when placed under pressure. Works realy well in a team or individual environment.” May 17, 2011
Paul O'Brien, Owner, Hana Consulting Ltd
worked directly with Craig at Close Protection UK





sia acs consultant review

Talon Security - ISO 9001, Construction-line, Tender Writing & Consultancy

iso 9001 consultant review

Maybank Holdings - ACS, ISO 9001 & SAFE Contractor 

iso 14001 consultant review

VIP Security Ltd - ACS & Internal Audits 

iso 27001 consultant review

ANT Island - Mining & Drilling IMS System & Consultancy 

ohsas 18001 consultant review

Tayside Security - Achilles, Investors in people, IMS, SAFE Contractor, Screening, Risk Assessments

paperless iso system review

Bruce K9 - ISO 9001, ACS, SAFE, Contruction-line, Chas, Screening, Paperless management system, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001

paperless iso system review

Polaris Operations - ISO 9001 & SIA ACS

paperless iso system review

Empreo Security Facilities Management - Safe Contractor, Mobile App & Consultancy

sia acs consultant review

During the past 12 months I have found working with Craig and the CAW team to achieve the goals of our company a pleasure.


I have found that the clear and unambiguous communication with the setting up of Smart Security (Midlands) Ltd, our audits, our training, the vetting and our recruitment of security staff very supportive.


The CAW team has worked unswervingly to be open in support of our company, provided more than competent support which has been crucial and pivotal with our company progression and development within this industry.


I will continue working with Craig and CAW in the future and would fully recommend CAW to any business.


Martin Urand


Smart Security (Midlands) Ltd - 27/08/2015

A range of consultancy services for example ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and now paperless management systems

We at Contego Security approached CAW Consultancy for our ISO 9001. We found them to be very professional and extremely fast in getting you all the documentation you need. We would not think twice about recommending CAW Consultancy to any other company. Well done guys. 

Contego Security 24/02/2014

CAW Consultants have been a great help to GTS Solutions CIC to date in our journey towards SIA ACS and we look forward with confidence to our continuing relationship beyond the attainment of this first goal.

Chris Thewlis - GTS Solutions CIC - 12/10/2013

“We have used CAW Consultancy’s Tender writing service and have found them to be extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the security sector, with there added knowledge of management systems for example ISO 9001, SIA ACS, OHSAS 18001 and BS 14001 they supplied us with a very comprehensive and extremely professional PQQ (Tender) and we would highly recommend anyone looking for a consultant who can assist with all aspects of your business to choose CAW Consultancy”

Security Guards in Action 08/09/2013 

Caw Consultancy have screened and vetted all our employee's and I have been impressed with the quality of work that I have received, Craig Willetts of CAW Consultancy delivers a cost effective, reliable speedy service and we are now even taking advantage of the free recruitment service, I would recommend CAW Consultancy without hesitation.
Liam Griffiths - Maybank Security services April 2012
“I have worked alongside few people with the dedication, ability and absolutely professional approach to see all tasks through to a successful and timely conclusion for all. Craig Willetts is one of those few, he not only assists where he can but will constantly go above and beyond what is required of him to complete the task. An amicable and approachable professional who treats all tasks with the utmost confidentiality. Craig is a multi tasker capable of crossing the threshold of many security specialisms.” May 17, 2011
Andrew B Irlam CMAS MICM, Close Protection Operations Manager, LDC
worked with Craig at Close Protection UK