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CHAS is a pre-qualification scheme that allows local authorities and other organisations to determine that you have the minimum standard required under the Scheme.

CHAS Assessment Process

The process of become CHAS accredited involves completing the appropriate application form and submitting it along with relevant supporting documentation. Once you have completed your application and submitted it to a CHAS assessor, it will be assessed against the standards as mentioned above. If you are successful your company will be deemed compliant and placed on the CHAS database for a period of 1 year.

What are the benefits of CHAS?

CHAS is a highly recognised standard that will save you time with pre-qualifications for other organisations. Below are just some of the reasons why being CHAS registered could help your business.

Compliance – CHAS shows you are compliant with health and safety laws.

More opportunities – More organisations will work with you.

Commercial benefits – CHAS Opens the door for bigger & better contracts.

Time and resources – CHAS will Helps improve your business’ productivity.

Health & Safety Standards – Improve company health & safety practice.

Communication – A standardised process helps improve communication.

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